Winners of the photo contest 2019!

On the occasion of International Mountain Day, we proudly present the winning picture of the Alpine Convention Photo Contest 2019!
The 10th edition was all about “Textures and Patterns” in the Alps. As in the past nine editions, it was not easy to make a selection of 13 pictures from the large number of photos submitted. 

“We are grateful to all photographers who took part in this contest and sincerely congratulate the laureates!”, states Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, Alenka Smerkolj.
“Sometimes, an idea or message can be conveyed more effectively through just a single picture than with a long written description.”

The secretariat made a collage of the 13 most beautiful pictures of the Alpine Convention’s 2020 Calendar.
Get your own copy by contacting us via e-mailFacebook or Twitter.

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