Shine a light on the Alps!

Light is one of the fundamentals of photography. It determines the atmosphere of a photo, the way the subjects of our photos look, even our ability to take a photograph.

Light bounces around in the Alpine landscapes in the most varied of ways, illuminating streams or boulders or a meadow of flowers. It can also reflect on water, ice and sometimes even rock. An absence of light can immediately change the mood, particularly in the mountains, hiding dangers, making shapes in the dark or forewarning of a storm to come.

That is why we have dedicated the 2022 edition of the Alpine Convention Photo Contest to light, and invite you to dive deep into the roots of photography. While light effects may be most prominent in the early or late hours of the days, light can change the scene and mood at any time.

So pick up your camera, capture the never-ending game of changing colours, shadows, and reflections. Shine a light on the Alps and send us your contributions before the 3rd of September 2022for a chance to be part of next year’s Alpine Convention calendar!

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