New Alpine Convention film coming to screens in spring 2021!

The Alpine Convention is pleased to announce that a new video aiming to inspire and inform people about the purposes of the Convention will be released in spring 2021!

The Alps provide vital ecosystem services and are home to diverse landscapes, plant, and animal species, which make them both beautiful and unique. The video brings this beauty and uniqueness to life, depicting the Alps in all their natural and cultural diversity.

The Alpine Convention’s new video will also show why these unique and precious landscapes need our protection and why we must all act to preserve them for future generations.

The film will be available in all Alpine languages as well as English, in order to inspire people across the Alpine space and beyond.

With epic music and beautiful scenery, this film is sure to give you goosebumps!

You can watch the trailer here: Coming soon: Alpine Convention - Leading the way for sustainable life - YouTube

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