EUSALP Action Group 6 Final Conference

The EUSALP AG6 final conference will take place on 5-6 November 2019 at the Hotel Grauer Bär in Innsbruck, Austria. The meeting is scheduled from 2 pm on 5 November to approx. 1 pm on 6 November 2019. On the first conference day there will be an internal segment for AG6 members only, whereas on the second day the results of EUSALP AG6 sub-groups and of ongoing ARPAF (Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund) and ARPAF II projects with AG 6 involvement will be presented during a public event.

Once the results are presented, regional and local politicians as well as NGO representatives will exchange views with interested participants during a roundtable discussion on why and how the topics of AG6 (spatial development and soil protection, farming and forestry, water management) are important to further sustainable development of the Alpine Region.

You can find the updated agenda on the public part here. Please confirm your participation for the public part of the EUSALP AG6 final conference as soon as possible and by 1 November 2019 at the latest by clicking here.


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