Alpine Landscape meets Culture... meets tourists

Thanks to its unique landscape and rich cultural diversity, the Alps have been one of the most popular tourist regions in the world for years. But how closely are tourists connected with and triggered by the cultural Alpine landscape? And has local culture significantly shaped the Alpine territory and thus contributed to its touristic attractiveness?

The virtual Conference “Alpine Landscape meets Culture” (ALMCC 2020) invites experts from different fields to dive deeper into these questions and to examine the relationship between Alpine tourism and the cultural landscape.

The ALMCC 2020 also welcomes contributions from researchers, professionals, businesses, and NGOs as well as from public administrations in three thematic dimensions (TD), which are described in detail on the conference website. The call is open until 6 September.

The conference is initiated by the Italian Delegation to the Alpine Convention and will take place on 28-30 September. For organisational reasons attendance is only possible after registration.


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