Biodiversity protection in times of climate change

Protected areas are subject to increasing pressures on the rich biodiversity they host. This is mainly due to conflicts of use and partly insufficient protection status of particularly sensitive areas, but also to climate change, which is particularly pronounced in the Alps.

The project aims at strengthening biodiversity protection in the long-term through active cooperation between Alpine protected area managers in the German-speaking central part of the Alps. The project brings together managers of different protected area types and also includes smaller structures. The goal is to identify concrete measures for nature conservation in the affected areas based on the cooperation and coordination of the protected area managers. The focus is on smaller watercourses and pathways to more process dynamics.  

The project is financed by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection.


juillet 2021 - décembre 2023
en cours
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Qualité de vie, Nature et biodiversité, Changement climatique, Forêts, Aménagement du territoire, Protection des sols, Tourisme
Autriche, Allemagne, Liechtenstein, Suisse

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