Office  in  Innsbruck

Herzog - Friedrich - Straße 15
6020  Innsbruck,  Austria

+43  512  5885890

Office in Bolzano/Bozen

Viale Druso / Drususallee  1
39100 Bolzano / Bozen, Italy

Tel:  +39  0471  055357
Fax:  +39  0471  055359

Contact for media and communication matters:

Alenka Smerkolj, Secretary General (CV)
Languages: Slovenian, English, French, Spanish, Italian
Education: Degree in Language Studies, French and Spanish (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
+43 (0)512 588 589 0

Wolfger Mayrhofer, Deputy Secretary General
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Russian
Education: Degree in Law, Studies in Philosophy and Slavistics (Vienna and Innsbruck, Austria and Moscow, Russia), Master's Degree in European Integration for the Public Administration
+43 (0)512 588 589 17
Alice Beck, Project Officer
Languages: German, English, French
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in European Ethnology (Innsbruck, Austria); Master’s Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Vienna, Austria)
+43 (0)512 588 589 18  
Vera Bornemann, Project Officer
Languages: German, English; learning French
Education: Degree in Geography (Mainz, Germany) 
+43 (0)512 588 589 25  
Stefano Chelo, Project Officer 
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese
Education: Degree in Law (Sassari, Italy); Master's Degree in Diplomatic Studies (Rome, Italy) 
+39 0471 055 363
Lisa Ellemunter, Project Officer - on maternity leave
Languages: German, Italian, English, French, Spanish 
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations (Rome, Italy); Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy (Leiden, The Netherlands) 
+43 (0)512 588 589 18
Giulia Gaggia, Project Officer
Languages: Italian, German, English, French
Education: Degree in Urban and Regional Planning (Venice, Italy); Master's Degree in Environmental Law (Venice, Italy); Master in Digital PR: press office and online media relations (Milan, Italy)
+39 0471 055 352  
Dagmar Huber, Accountant
Languages: German, English, Italian
Education: Certified national and International Financial Accountant and payroll accountant (Innsbruck, Austria) 
+43 (0)512 588 589 13  
Nika Langus, Assistant to the Secretary General
Languages: Slovenian, English, German
Education: Degree in Translation and Interpreting (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
+43 (0)512 588 589 12
Nathalie Morelle, Senior Executive Officer
Languages: French, German, English, Italian
Education: Chemical Engineer degree (Paris, France); PhD in Biophysics (Grenoble, France)
+43 512 588 589 39
Živa Novljan, Project Officer
Languages: Slovenian, English, German 
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Geography (Ljubljana, Slovenia); Master's Degree in Environmental and Physical Geography and Applied Geoinformatics (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
+43 512 588 589 21
Aureliano Piva, Project Officer 
Languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish 
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and Sociology (Trento, Italy); Master’s Degree in European and International Studies (Trento, Italy) 
+39 0471 055 367; +43 (0)512 588 589 23

Jaqueline Rauscher, Assistant to the Secretary General - on maternity leave
Languages: German, French, English
Education: Diploma at the Federal Institute for Economics (Innsbruck,  Austria) 
+43 (0)512 588 589 12

Laura Marie Wittkopp, Project Assistant
Languages: German, English; learning French
Education: Bachelor´s Degree in Political Science (Innsbruck, Austria); Master´s Degree in International Politics and International Law (Kiel, Germany)
+43 (0)512 588 589 22
Stephanie Wolff, Communications Officer
Languages: German, English, French, learning Italian
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and International Relations (Bath, United Kingdom); Master’s Degree in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance (Oxford, United Kingdom)
+43 (0)512 588 589 15

There are currently no vacancies available.

The Permanent Secretariat regularly offers opportunities for internships. We welcome unsolicited applications for an internship for a duration of approximately 5 months.

Applicants must be citizens of one of the Alpine Convention contracting countries or of the European Union. You must speak at least one of the official Alpine Convention languages at mother tongue (or comparable) level and have a good command of English.

If you are interested and meet these criteria, please send us your CV and motivation letter in English to


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