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We are Alps 

The “We are Alps tour” is an initiative of the Permanent Secretariat, where a group of selected journalists crosses the Alpine arc to learn about the Convention and meet the people from the Alps – amongst others farmers, business people, inhabitants, experts and politicians. Therefore the name of the crossing: “We are Alps”. Each year the topic of the tour changes, but two common denominators remain: meeting the people in order to address a particular topic and traveling with sustainable means of transport that are alternative to private cars. The project aims to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities of our region and the Alpine Convention and its responses to the potentials and challenges existing in the Alpine region. It emphasizes the characteristics, features, opportunities and common issues the Alpine inhabitants are facing, including public transport and a particular topic for each year. 
In the year 2014 the tour focused on Alpine Family Farming and Mountain products in order to highlight United Nations Year of Family Farming.
The 2015 tour was organized on the topic of Climate Change
The 2016 tour was dedicated to Alpine Green Economy.
The 2017 tour was dedicated to Water in the Alps.
*From the year 2008 to 2013 a similar project was carried out under the name of SuperAlp! You can find information on individual editions in the box.