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EUSALP – Action Group 6 

The Alpine Convention, together with the Land Carinthia leads the Action Group 6 of the EUSALP dealing with the topic “Preservation and valorisation of natural resources, including water and cultural resources”. This Action Group (AG) focuses its activities on 3 sub-topics:

  • Spatial development and soil conservation
  • Future oriented farming and forestry (nature protection, socio-economic and cultural aspects)
  • Integrated and sustainable water management 

Tasks of the Action Groups include:

  • Identifying and facilitating the involvement of relevant stakeholders  
  • Drafting a work program for the AG
  • Developing specific criteria for the purpose of selecting actions/projects within the AG
  • Identifying actions/projects to be included in the EUSALP Action Plan
  • Identifying relevant funding sources for the actions/projects selected and following up implementation of actions/projects, including monitoring and evaluation towards targets and indicators defined
  • Facilitating policy discussions in the macro-region regarding Action 6 as well as ensuring communication and visibility of the Action
  • Liaising and cooperating with other AGs in order to ensure coherence and avoid duplicate work on the strategy implementation   

Rules of Procedure of the EUSALP Action Groups  
EUSALP Action Group 6 members
EUSALP Action Group 6 events   
All EUSALP Action Group Leaders, including the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and Land Carinthia, are project partners of the AlpGov project aimed at supporting EUSALP implementation through designing appropriate governance structures and mechanisms, developed in the frame of the Alpine Space Programme