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The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention has been collecting
different experiences over the last years concerning the implementation of the
Alpine Convention. They relate to sustainable development and to the
thematic fields of work of the Convention. The Parties expressed in March
2009 the wish to start collecting good practices specifically on the climate
change issue, and build a database on this urgent problem. This page intends
to respond to that requirement in order to divulgate the best practices known
by the Permanent Secretariat among all the relevant actors in the Alpine
Space. You can find them in the general DATABASE of the Alpine

This page is also constructed in a way to be an interactive channel of
communication, and local, regional actors are welcome to share their
experiences by submitting their good practices HERE.

Finally, we have listed an inventory of other databases on good practices
regarding climate change and energy.

  1. Energie-cites: Website of the Association of European local authorities
    promoting sustainable energies policy; updated database on good
  2. ManagEnergy Search Database: The ManagEnergy case studies
    search tool allows to search exclusively for Managenergy good
    practices, but also publications, case studies, events, weblinks and all
    documents of the website
  3. Build-Up Good Practices: Database on good practices relating to
    building construction and refurbishment
  4. Intelligent Energy: Europe database of projects
  5. IntellEbase: Database of Altener and Save projects
  6. FP6 Demonstration Projects
  7. LIFE Projects Database
  8. Structural Funds: Database of success stories
  9. ICLEI Information Clearinghouse: publications, case studies,
    newsletters and a variety of technical manuals
  10. Local Sustainability, the European Good Practice Information
    : a guide to sustainable good practice 1996-9
  11. Energy Savings Trust: Best Practices - Energy Efficiency Best Practice
    in Housing
  12. SURBAN: the database on Sustainable urban development in Europe
  13. ELTIS: database of case studies on mobility and transport (Europe´s
    #1 for mobility and Transport good practices)
  14. EPOMM: European Platform on Mobility Management
  15. ENTHUSE: Creating Local Government Enthusiasm for Renewable
  16. INFORSE-Europe: Collection of Sustainable Energy Successes in
    Europe (central Europe)
  17. European Environment Agency (EEA): reports and publications
    about Europe's environment published by the EEA
  18. Biofuel Cities Project and Activities Directory: Seek and find biofuel
    projects and activities in the interactive directory and maps.
  19. Better Public Transport for Europe through Competitive Tendering:
    A Good Practice Guide
  20. Best Practices on Successful Implementation of Wind Energy on
    Regional and Municipal Level
  21. Slovenian Agency for Energy
  22. Energy Globe Award Database for Best Practices: The website of
    Energy Globe also offers a great deal of information for all sectors of
    society on energy saving & management, building & renovation, with
    many showcases in all fields
  23. Within the frame of the ENvironmental COnference of Regions of
    Europe (ENCORE),
    a climate change working group has been set-up.
    To date, 19 regions have given an overview of their climate change
    related activities and policies on the ENCORE website. They have
    presented best-practice projects and reported on regional adaptation
    requirement and measures.
  24. CIPRA Good Practices: a dedicated database on best practices on
    climate change implemented in the Alps.
  25. ALPSTAR: results of an Alpine Space Project towards carbon neutral Alps