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5th International Water Conference
"Water in the Alps - and beyond; Adapting alpine and mountain river basins to climate change"
The Water Conference was born to spread the results of the activities devoted to water management in the framework of the Alpine Convention. The 5th Water Conference aimed at spreading the results in a wider context, involving other mountain regions like e.g. Carpathians, Caucasus and Central Asia. The event was jointly promoted and developed by the Alpine Convention and the UNECE Water Convention, in order to favour the creation of synergies and the exchange of experiences (i.e. among the Alpine territory, the Carpathians, the Caucasus, Central Asia,…). The 5th Water Conference is intended to provide to a wide audience of experts, administrators, practitioners and stakeholders the state of the art, the best practices and the main findings about adaptation to climate change in the mountain trans-boundary river basins. Different panels of experts illustrated the main results of the last years of activities in the respective conventions. Furthermore, updated high-level information on climate change and adaptation strategies was provided, together with the results of some relevant projects of European Territorial Cooperation on the issues. Finally, a special focus was devoted to the implementation of the measures of flood management, in particular the EU Flood Directive.

Date: 25th-26th September 2014  

SESSION I – Introduction 

SESSION II – Climate Change in the Mountain Regions 

SESSION III – The Impacts of Climate Change on Cryosphere and Sediment Transport 

SESSION IV – The Experience of the Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus: A New Perspective for Water Management in National and Transboundary Catchments 

SESSION V – The Impacts of Climate Change on Flood Management  

SESSION VI – From the Awareness of Climate Change to the Adaptation Plans in Different Mountain Basins – Perspectives and Case Studies