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The Alpine Conference is the political decision-making body of the Alpine Convention
and consists of the Ministers of the Contracting Parties. Meetings of the Conference
are normally held every two years in the Member State holding the Presidency of the
Convention (one state holds the presidency for two years). 

The Permanent Committee is the executive body of the Alpine Conference and
ensures that the Convention’s decisions, principles and aims are out into practice.
The Permanent Committee meets generally twice a year.

The Permanent Secretariat, established in 2003 with its main office in Innsbruck
and a branch office in Bolzano/Bozen, provides support to the decision-making
organs of the Convention, favors the exchange of experience and knowledge
about the Alps and is in charge of public relations for the Alpine Convention.

Working Groups and Platforms are set up according to the current needs of the
Convention. Their responsibility consists of developing new protocols, recommendations
and implementing measures, study ongoing developments as well as reporting progress
to the Alpine Conference and Permanent Committee. The Working Groups are set for a
two-year term and often work in subgroups for specific topics.