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Presidency: Italy

The scope of activities of the Sustainable Tourism Working Group, established by the XIII Alpine Conference in Torino, refers to the broad topic of sustainable tourism, which represents a key issue for the alpine economy, society and environment and is specifically tackled in the Protocol on Tourism of the Alpine Convention. 
As a basis for its work, the WG on Sustainable Tourism can rely on a series of relevant outcomes and documents already produced in the framework of the Alpine Convention: the Fourth Report on the State of the Alps on Sustainable Tourism, the report of the Task Force on Sustainable Tourism set up by the Italian Presidency during its biannual presidency 2013-2014 and the mandate and outcomes of the UNESCO World Heritage Working Group, which was active in the years 2006-2014. 
During this mandate, the Sustainable Tourism Working Group is focusing on two main issues: first of all, the promotion of sustainable tourism in the Alps, with a particular focus on initiatives aiming at the reduction of CO2 emissions from the tourism sector, and, secondly, identification of strategies for the development of innovative tourism products in Alpine destinations. 
The Contracting Parties to the Alpine Convention delegate experts to be members of the Working Groups/Platforms. Observers to the Convention may also nominate representatives.
  • Collect and share knowledge and experiences concerning the sustainable management of destinations, with a specific focus on the reduction of CO2 emissions in tourism destinations.
  • Identify the main challenges and future scenarios for alpine destinations in order to develop strategies able to ensure competitiveness and at the same time a sustainable management of the alpine resources and landscape.
  • Cooperate with stakeholders in a network of alpine tourism destinations by involving them in an exchange of information and good practices.
  • Explore the feasibility for developing and award or a similar initiative in order to award innovative initiatives in sustainable alpine tourism destinations.

Activities and documents of the Working Group