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Activities promoted and realized by the Italian Presidency of the Alpine Convention  

Lima, 1-12 December 2014
Lima COP 20 - The Alpine Convention in Lima presents the Alpine guidelines for local adaptation to Climate Change

Cuneo, 24 October 2014 “Le Alpi del Mare”
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Gorica, 14 October 2014     Convegno: Isonzo: Un fiume da amare
Belluno, 4 -18 October 2014
Exhibition "Constructive Alps" - The Italian Itinerary of the exhibition 

Longarone, 27 September 2014
Workshop: Landscape and the UNESCO brand: an Alpine, and not only, pair
Trento, 25-26 September 2014
5th International Water Conference "Water in the Alps - and beyond; Adapting alpine and mountain river basins to climate change"
Sedan, 15-16 September 2014
International Workshop "The Alps and the Ardennes: Sharing Experiences Among Transboundary Mountain Areas"
Pieve di Cadore, 12 September 2014 Public Workshop "The services of the Alpine forests ecosystems as a natural, economic and cultural asset for a regional and European green economy "
Cortina d'Ampezzo, 1 -31 July 2014
Exhibition "Constructive Alps" - The Italian Itinerary of the exhibition 

Brescia, 23rd June 2014 Workshop "The Guidelines for local adaptation in mountain regions: which prospects for the Alps and beyond?"

Trento, 10th - 20th June 2014
Exhibition "Constructive Alps" - The Italian Itinerary of the exhibition 
Trento, 10th June 2014 Public Workshop "The inhabited mountain, wood and sustainable constructions in the Alps"  
Ventimiglia, 12th -24th May 2014
Exhibition "Constructive Alps" - The Italian Itinerary of the exhibition 
Ventimiglia, 13th May 2014
Public Workshop "The Inhabited Mountain, energy and innovation in the Alps"
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Milano, 8th May 2014
Public Workshop "A Digital Agenda for the Alps: promoting Competitiveness and Social Inclusion" 
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Belluno, 6th May 2014
Public Workshop "How does the population change in the Alps? Economic scenarios and new possibilities of employment" 
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Sarnano, 23-24 April 2014 International conference “The Alpine Convention and the Carpathian Convention: sharing the experiences. The Apennines, a european mountain range”
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- The Sarnano Charter
Torino, 14-22 April 2014
Exhibition "Constructive Alps" The Italian Itinerary of the exhibition 
Torino, 14 April 2014
Public Workshop "The Inhabited Mountain, energy and innovation in the Alps"

Asiago, 11 April 2014
Public Workshop "Le opportunità del turismo rurale per l’economia della regione alpina" 
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20 March 2014
Public workshop "Bringing the Alps to Expo 2015: mountains, food, environment and culture on the way to Milano"
7th March 2014
Public workshop on "A green infrastructure for growth: the potential role of the Alpine forests in a European Green Economy"
17th February 2014
Public workshop: The Social Consequences of Demographic Changes in the Alpine Region
Vienna,11th December 2013
SWOMM 2013 "Sustainable tourism and accessibility in mountains areas"
5th December 2013
Workshop on "The natural and cultural value of karst landscapes: focus on Classic Karst"

4th December
Workshop on "The ecosystem services of Alpine forests: identification, evaluation and potential instruments for their valorization"

Saint Vincent, 15th October 2013
Workshopo on "Road transport security in the Alps and risk management related to natural hazards: challenges, best practices and possible long-term solutions" 
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Brescia 10th October 2013
Workshop on Water and risk management facing climate change: towards the local adaptation 
Bolzano 27th September 2013 Talk Show dedicated to the Alpine Space Project “AlpInfoNet” in the framework of the Innovation Festival
27th September 2013
Workshop on  A Macro-regional Strategy for the Alpine Region and its potential added value for the implementation of the EU2020 agenda

Cortina d'Ampezzo
26 june 2013
Workshop on Sustainable Tourism in the Alpine Green Economy
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6 - 7 june
Workshop on International Mountain Cooperation Initiative of the Task Force on Mountain Cooperation 
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30 may
WORKSHOP "A Digital Agenda on quality of life in the Alps: possible solutions in light of the demographic changes" 
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29 may
First meeting of the 5th Report on the State of the Alps ad hoc  Working Group (RSA V)
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27 may
Public Workshop: the natuaral and cultural alpine capital as UNESCO World Heritage
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17 may
WORKSHOP "The future of Alpine forests in light of the potential impacts of climate change: threats and opportunities"
22 april
Expert meeting WISO PLATFORM
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- Nel Parco del Grand Paradiso un milione e mezzo di visitatori. Lunedì 22 aprile a Cogne incontro della Convenzione delle Alpi
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9 april
Workshop "Politiche per un turismo alpino sostenibile tra redditività dei territori e uso parsimonioso del suolo" 
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20–21 march
Public Workshop and expert meeting "Environmental and social sustainability of alpine tourism"
19 march 
Experiences and paths in the implementation of the Flood Directive (2007/60/EC) in Alpine areas
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4-8 march
First edition of the Alpine Spring Festival! an initiative of the Italian Presidency of the Alpine Convention and the Permanent Secretariat. 
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