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ALPINE CONFERENCE (Conference of the Contracting Parties) 

The Alpine Conference is the political decision-making body of the Alpine Convention and meets at ministerial level. Meetings of the Conference are usually held every two years by the Contracting Party holding the Presidency of the Convention (usually one state holds the presidency for two years). The United Nations, its specialized agencies, the Council of Europe and all European countries may attend the meetings as observers. The same applies to cross-border associations of Alpine territorial authorities. In addition, relevant non-governmental organizations may be admitted as observers. Decisions are adopted on the basis of consensus.

The official languages of the Alpine Conference are French, German, Italian and Slovene.
Ministers of the Contracting Parties of the Alpine Convention 
Legal basics:

Table summarizing the periods of each Chair and of the Alpine Convention:

Period Presidency Alpine Conference
2017-2018 Austria Germany Grassau
2013-2014 Italy Turin
2011-2012 Switzerland Poschiavo
2009-2011 Slovenia Brdo pri Kranju
2007-2008 France Evian (March 2009)
2005-2006 Austria Alpbach
2003-2004 Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen
2001-2002 Italy Merano
1999-2000 Switzerland Lucerne
1996-1998 Slovenia Bled
1995-1996 Slovenia Brdo
1991-1994 France Chambery
1989-1991 Austria Salzburg

In October 1989 an “International Alpine Conference of the Ministers for the Environment” hosted by Germany took place in Berchtesgaden and initiated the negotiations for the Alpine Convention.

* un-official English translations provided by Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention