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Breaking fresh ground in protecting Alpine Environments
Flood Risk Management Plans Conference

Graz, 25-26 March 2014
The first cycle of the European flood directive 2007/60/EC now ends with the preparation of the flood risk management plans. Especially in alpine areas we encounter specific problems e.g. defining the particular aims, developing a catalogue of measurements or selecting specific methods for flood risk reduction. At the conference “Breaking fresh ground in protecting Alpine Environments – Flood Risk Management Plans” we want to discuss these problems and challenges by looking at specific examples from different alpine countries.
The conference was held in Graz, Austria on 25. and 26. March 2014. The detailed updated programme here.

Please find here bellow the presentations from the Conference. 
Keynote: The EU '‘Floods'’Directive -–Progress and Challenges
by: Mark Adamson (OPW, IE) 
Specific problems regarding flood risk management in alpine catchment areas   
By: Rudolf Hornich (Land STMK, AT) 
Links between the Floods Directive and Water Framework Directive         
By: Clemens Neuhold (BMLFUW, AT) 
On the way to the Austrian Flood Risk  Management Plan methodology and challenges
By: Heinz Stiefelmeyer (BMLFUW, AT) 
Floods Directive implementation in Slovenia        
By: Luka Stravs (MKO, SI) 
FRMP Method, implementation and challenges - Italy 
By: Ricardo Rigon (UNITN, IT) 
Flood Risk Management Plan France
By: Jean-Michel Helmer (MEEDDM, FR) 
Torrential flood risk management in Bavaria                                 
By: Andreas Rimböck (LfU, DE) 
Flood Risk Management in Switzerland                
By: Olivier Overney (BAFU, CH) 
Public participation in flood risk management     
By: Therese Stickler (UBA, AT) 
Flood risk management plans and contingency planning
By: Eva Mayer (STMI, DE) 

Breaking fresh grounds in protecting Alpine Environments - Flood Risk Management Plans (Conference proceedings; Graz, 25 March 2014)