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Tourism is one contributor to climate change; in return, it is also an industry
affected by climate change, and this relationship is evident in the Alps. Certain
forms of tourism contribute more than others to greenhouse gas emissions; in
any case, mitigation measures must be a priority in the mind of tourist
operators and tourism facility owners, but also in the mind of tourists
themselves. This section of the climate portal is dedicated to tourists who are
wanting to discover climate friendly ways of travelling in the Alps as well as
local and regional decision makers –whether public or private.

  • Klima aktiv mobil: Starting in May 2010, the klima aktiv mobil
    campaign initiated by the Austrian Ministry of Environment will stop in
    every main city to promote and inform about alternative ways to travel
    around. For example people can try an electro-, gas- or hybrid car.
  • Friends of Nature:  You desire to plan an environmental friendly
    holiday in the Alps? This site is a mine of information to achieve that scope!
  • Respect: is an institute that looks at the interdependence of tourism,
    environment and people. Respect promotes tourism projects that are
    sustainable. Its scope of action is worldwide, also in the Alps. Respect
    works in education, publication relations, engages in applied research
    and initiatives for a sustainable tourism. Check their recent e-publication
    on the role of tourist operators and climate change!
  • VCÖ and sustainable mobility!
    Founded in 1988, the VCÖ is the principal organisation in Austria
    working for environmentally sustainable, socially just, and economically
    efficient mobility. The VCÖ founded its Mobility Award in 1992 as an
    annual prize. It is now the biggest competition in Austria for sustainable
    mobility and efficient transport. The award highlights innovative
    transport projects that lead by example and are models that
    lend themselves to be copied elsewhere.
  • The CO2 Conference Travel Calculator – Download a free mobile
    phone application that allows you to calculate the carbon costs of flying
    to and from your next international meeting or conference.
  • “Snowcarbon” –Ski resorts by train – This website helps tourists plan
    their route to many ski resorts in the Alps by train)
  • Carbon Neutral CompanyCalculate your emissions when travelling
    by car, bus, train or plane
  • The CIVITAS Initiative helps cities to achieve a more sustainable,
    clean and energy efficient urban transport system by implementing and
    evaluating an ambitious, integrated set of technology and policy based
  • The clean vehicle website from the European Commission aims to
    ensure a level of demand for clean and energy-efficient road transport
    vehicles and encourage manufacturers to invest in development of
    vehicles with low energy consumption, CO2 emissions and other
    pollutant emissions.
  • assists in finding common transport access to
    tourist destination within the Alps.