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The Alpine Conference and the Permanent Committee establish Working Groups, Platforms and ad-hoc thematic groups according to the current needs. The thematic bodies support the Alpine Convention's work on different topics related to sustainable development.

Their responsibility consists in studying ongoing developments and in developing recommendations and implementing instruments. These bodies are generally set for a two-year term and may work in subgroups for specific topics. They report to the Alpine Conference and the Permanent Committee.

The following thematic bodies are currently active:

  1. Transport Working Group 
  2. Natural Hazards Working Group - PLANALP
  3. Large Carnivores, Wild Ungulates and Society Working Group - WISO
  4. Mountain Agriculture and Mountain Forestry Working Group
  5. Soil Protection Working Group
  6. Alpine Climate Board
  7. Alpine Biodiversity Board
  8. Ad hoc working group for the preparation of RSA8