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The Sustainable Tourism Task Force was set up by the Italian Presidency to follow-up the commitment of the Alpine Convention as regards the valorization of tourism in the Alps
The 4th edition of the Report on the state of the Alps (RSA4), published in 2012, already highlighted the role of this sector as a fundamental driver for the regional development of the Alpine territory. Thus, in continuity with the coverage of the issue, the Presidency has particularly focused on sustainable tourism within the analysis on Demographic Changes in the Alps, which will be dealt with in the 5th Report (RSA5).   
The Task Force met for the first time in March 2013 in Courmayeur, on the occasion of the workshop organized by Espace Mont Blanc entitled “Environmental and social sustainability of Alpine tourism”.
Experts works for the identification of the main sustainability indicators for mountain tourism and is elaborating a document proposing to analyze the dynamics of the phenomenon in environmental and socio-economic terms.  The report takes into account the different aspects of mountain sustainable tourism and presents a deep reflection on the opportunities and challenges for the territory as well as the impacts for the inhabiting population and the tourist. It also offers points for reflection for tourism management also in a transboundary context. 
Download the document HERE.

The meetings