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Katja Ertl is a freelance tourism and travel journalist from Slovenia, specialized in topics connected with gastronomy, wine growing and rural tourism. For five years she was working for the slovenian daily newspaper Večer and also publishing her articles in several slovenian tourism and sport magazines such as Potepanja and Tekač. She made a degree from journalism and  she is just  finishing her master in tourism management at the Faculty of economics in Ljubljana. For half a year she was an exchange student at Management center Innsbruck in Austria, where she got a wider knowledge on development of tourism in alpine area. Two years ago she won a second price at a journalist competition organised by European Commission for Agriculture and  European network of Agricultural Journalists.  

Gerhard Fitzthum, born in 1955, is graduated philosopher and works since the early nineties as freelance journalist, mainly for the tourism page of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, but also for the radio, especially philosophical essays, satires and other small stories. He is the true veteran of sustainable alp crossings, enjoyed and survived the first 6 editions of SuperAlp.

Ole G. Herzenberg - After graduating the Norwegian University of Life and Sciences in 1986 Ole G. Hertzenberg has been working as a journalist, editor for monthly magazines and as a  communication consultant for almost 30 years. Most of the time with agriculture, supply industry, food industry and the retail sector. The first 20 years or so as employed in different agricultural cooperatives, the last 10 years he has been running his one business as a communication consultant, selling services to companies/organizations with such need. In 2008 he was hired as communication director for the opening of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Ole has been working with some developing projects in Tanzania, Mosambik and in Latin-Amerika and he has been several times to the Alps learning more about policymaking for innovative familybased montain farming.     Ole is 56 years old, has a farm close to Oslo, have a girlfriend and three grown up kids. In the winter he loves to go skiing, both cross country and downhill. The last years he has taken up an ”old tradition”; every winter he takes one week off to go downhill skiiing in the Alps with some friends. In the summer he loves hike in the mountains  both in Norway and abroad.  

Axel Klemmer, born 1963 in Berlin, moved 1968 to Munich and has been travelling and climbing in the Alps since that time. He studied Geography and concentrated on the economical and social aspects of alpine tourism. For more than 20 years he has been working as an editor and (free lance) journalist for print and TV (just two years), he also wrote and edited several travel guides. Some time ago he changed the focus of his work. That means he cut down on working for special interest Alpine magazines and PR agencies. In spring 2014 he managed a panel discussion about the European Strategy for the Alps EUSALP in the Alpine Museum in Munich and wrote an essay about this topic for the Alpine Club's annual 2015. Mountaineering and mountaineers are less important to him, it's the mountains and the strange (and funny) phenomenons of everyday's life which have his full attention now. He has no car and calls himself a passionate pedestrian – what is really different from a hiker or a mountaineer.

Filippo Marinoni, 25 years old, undergraduate and partner of Associazione Ars.Uni.VCO. Responsible for the first Alpine Convention’s Infopoint set in Domodossola. He participated in the Dolomites’ EXPO managing the Alpine Convention’s stand. He partook in the New Generations for the Alps project, sponsored by the Italian Presidency of the Alpine Convention. He is interested in the whole aspects of mountain’s life: ecology, economy, customs, sports and many other aspects.

Julija Petrošiūtė During journalism studies at Vilnius University I realised the importance of communication as a measure to increase public awareness in environmental issues. I further deepened my knowledge and experiences by working in different media outlets as environmental journalist and editor. Having made more than 200 TV programs and articles about sustainable use of sources, climate change, conservation of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and responsible forestry broadened my perspectives on environmental issues. Working as a communication officer for an environmental NGO “Lithuanian Fund for Nature” and participating in international projects I can see clearly the importance of understanding the international context of agro-environmental issues. Thought the highest hill in Lithuania is only 293.84 m, our farmers are lucky to have most of their land in really impressive and beautiful landscape, rich in biodiversity. Unfortunately, usually they don‘t see the advantage of having farm in high nature value areas – most of them are afraid of restrictions. I hope, I will be able to bring for them from Alps an inspiring example, how it is possible to support their own farm without damaging nature, but by helping to preserve it for future generations.

Špela Prelc, 35, born in Kranj (Slovenia) Currently I work as a morning web editor at daily newspaper Delo and as a journalist for supplement Polet covering recreation, health, travel and free-time topics. I studied geography therefore thems like enivronment, sustainable development and climate change are my greatest interests. I was part of at the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention in Bolzano as a project officer between 2007 and 2009 so I'm familiar with alpine matters. I was involved in climate change and water issues in the Alps and supporting  the Slovenian presidency of the Alpine Convention at specific implementation Alpine projects in Slovenia, mainly education and awareness raising on the protection of the Alps. With » We are Alps« project I see the oportunity in contributing to a positive development in rise of awareness and increasing the importance of locally produced quality food (familiy farming) as well as public transport and mobility in the Alps. I have strong interest in road cycling and mountain biking and all kinds of sports, esssential is connection to nature, especially mountains.

Simonetta Radice Free lance journalist and contributor for Planetmountain, one of the first mountain Italian websites. Mountain blogger, content and community manager, I live on the "social side" of the mountains. Born in Milan in 1971, I spend my time between the big city and the lake Maggiore, where my real home and my heart are. I love mountains in every season: hiking, skiing, travelling and spending time in the nature are the things that makes me happy. I am part of team working for the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Italy and I am interested in everything concerning life in the mountains: ecology, economics, anthropology, traditions and so on. You can find me on my blog

Hannes Schlosser, born in 1951, is a Journalist, Author and Photographer, living in Tyrol since 1975. The ecological and social development of the Alpine Space is one of his priority themes since many years. Between 1996 and 2008 he was correspondent of the Austrian daily newspaper „Der Standard“, since 2005 he is chief editor of the periodical „Die Alpenkonvention – nachhaltige Entwicklung in den Alpen“, edited by CIPRA Austria. He is also editorial leader of the book series „Alpingeschichte kurz und bündig“, part of the project „Bergsteigerdörfer“, promoted by „Oesterreichischer Alpenverein“. He is the author of the book „The Alps – eight countries, a single territory“, published by the Permanent Secretary of the Alpine Convention in 2009.  

Romano Venziani I was born in 1954, in Ticino (South part of Switzerland), where I still live. In 1982 I obtained a Licence ès lettres at the University of Geneva (modern history and history of international relationships). Since 1983, I work as journalist and producer at RSI (Italian speaking Swiss Radio and Television), and deal with issues related to territory, culture, history, traditions, a sort of "anthropological incursion" into the Swiss reality. I produced documentaries on humanitarian projects (Madagascar, Cameroon, Sao Tome, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ecuador ...). With the cameraman Luciano Paltenghi, I made several documentaries. As the passion for the mountains imprints my work, I often produce documentaries on alpine trekkings. For years and still nowadays, I’m the producer of a weekly broadcast on RSI, Svizzera e dintorni. In 2007 I got the Premio Lombardia Ambiente, from the "Université d'été, Colloqui del paesaggio", for my documentaries dedicated to the territory and its protection. Last April, I published, with the photographer Roberto Buzzini, the book Sotto la linea dell’azzurro ("Under the line of the blue"), dedicated to the " Via Alta della Valle Verzasca," one of the most beautiful alpine walks. I will be participation at the SuperAlp!7 with my team (cameraman Luciano Paltenghi and technician Luca Maccanetti).


Oscar del Barba, architect and urban planner born in Lecco in 1950 and currently lives in Morbegno. He’s member of CAI - Italian Alpine Club since 1967 where he is in charge of the Technical Secretariat for the Environment.  He was the director of the Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi 1998-2000. From 1980 to 1998 he was director in the Lombardy Region, where he mainly worked in the environmental sector and has directed and produced numerous projects, including the relocation of refinery Agip in Rho-Pero, on whose grounds stands the Nuova Fiera di Milano. He had completed the first regional plan for the waters of the Lombardy Region and initiated the construction of the waste water treatment system of Milan in 1996. He also created and directed a lot of projects funded by the EU and applied bioremediation techniques in agricultural areas polluted. From 1992 to 1998 he was a member of the Technical Committee of the Po River Basin Authority; from March 2008 to January 2014 Barba was the President of CIPRA Italy. He is also a member of the National Council of the Environment of the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea. He is following the activities of the Alpine Convention since 1994 and participates in the Italian delegation to the Permanent Committee during the Italian Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2013-2014. He is also actively involved in the work of Working Groups and Platforms.  In January 2014, he has signed an agreement with the City of Morbegno for the inauguration of the Info point of the Alpine Convention in Morbegno. He loves hiking, cycling and is also a passionate sommelier.