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Specific measures implementing the principles laid down in the framework Convention
are contained in the Protocols to the Alpine Convention. In the  Protocols, concrete steps
to be taken for the protection and sustainable development of the Alps are set out.

The existing Protocols cover many different issues:
  • Spatial planning and sustainable development (pdf)*
  • Nature protection and landscape conservation (pdf)*
  • Mountain farming (pdf)
  • Mountain forests (pdf)*
  • Tourism (pdf)
  • Energy (pdf)
  • Soil conservation (pdf)
  • Transport (pdf)
  • In addition, two additional protocols have been adopted, respectively on Solution
    of litigations
    (pdf) and on the Adherence of the Principality of Monaco to the
    Alpine Convention

In addition to protocols, two Ministerial declarations on specific topics have also been
adopted in November 2006:

  • Declaration on Population and Culture (pdf)*
  • Declaration on Climate Change (pdf)*

Statement of the XIV. Alpine Conference on strengthening of sustainable economy in the Alps (de, it, fr, sl)

* un-official English translations provided by Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention