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  1. Technical Reports on Climate change in the Alps
  2. Scientific Bibliography

    3. Magistral lectures on Climate Change 

  1. Video lecture by Lučka Kajfež Bogataj (Slovenian member of the
    IPCC), May 2009, Climate Science: What Do We Know?
  2. Helga Kromp-Kolb (Austrian scientist of the year 2005) at the
    Vienna Energy Talks, November 2009 Energie und Klimawandel
  3. Nicholas Stern (Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on
    Climate change) Leçon inaugurale du 4 février 2010. Gérer les
    changements climatiques, promouvoir la croissance, le
    développement et l'équité (French Version – Part 1). Lecture,
    March 5, 2010. Opportunities and policies for low-carbon growth
    in the developed and developing world (English Version – Part 2)  

     4. Virtual Library! 

  1. World Climate Teach-in-Day
    This organization proposes, on its website, a whole library on
    climate change studies. Its aim is to disseminate scientific
    information on climate change in order to make it understandable
    to a broad audience.
  2. International Energy Agency (IEA)
    The Agency put at your disposal, on its website, a database on
    policies and measures taken by states all over the world to
    struggle against climate change, with a smart search engine.
  3. Resources from ICIMOD
    The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
    (ICIMOD), a regional knowledge development and learning centre
    serving the eight regional member countries of the Hindu Kush-
    Himalayas works to develop an economically and environmentally
    sound mountain ecosystem to improve the living standards of
    mountain populations. You can download all of ICIMOD’s
    publications free-of-charge from ICIMOD Books online.
    Publications on climate change can be accessed directly via the
    climate change section. A publication on the impact of climate
    change in mountainous regions called “Mountains of the world –
    Ecosystem services in a time of global and climate change”
    published in 2010 can be downloaded here.
  4. NASA portal on climate change
    The American national Aeronautics and Space Administration
    proposes document resources and very interesting statistics about
    ongoing climate change.
  5. The Klimaportal of the Swiss Forum for Climate and Global Change
    You could find document resources, bibliographies and very
    important statistics on factors as well as consequences of climate
    change, especially on snow conditions, on weather, on energy
    resources or on health. This website is a product of the Swiss
    Federal Government Advisory Body on Climate Change.
  6. UNEP Gateway
    The United Nations Environment Programme, on its website
    dedicated to the climate change, also proposes some analysis and
    documents for a broader audience, in addition to the Climate
    Change United Nations Gateway whose link is available in the top-
    right of this page. 
  7. Austrian Federal Government climate portal
    The Austrian Federal Government proposes, on its portal
    dedicated to the climate change, one section dedicated to
    international publications on this topic.
  8. The global outlook for ice and snow provides an up-to-date review
    of the state of the environment and the trends in ice and snow
    covered regions of the world, including the Alps. It includes case-
    studies, maps and graphics and serves as well as an educational
    resource than a reference one too.
  9. The world glacier monitoring service collects standardised
    observations on changes (mass, volume, area, length) of glaciers
    over time (glacier fluctuations) as well as statistical information on
    the distribution of perennial surface ice (glacier inventories). Such
    data are high priority key variables in climate system monitoring.
    WGMS with UNEP publish reports on global Climate Change of
  10. The intergovernmental panel on Climate Change publishes various
    types of reports
    on the Climate Change evolution.
  11. EU publications and initiatives on climate change
  12. Resources from the COP 16 dedicated to climate change in
    , including Alpine Convention documentation
  13. Mountains and Climate Change. From understanding to action by
    the University of Bern, 2009
  14. Resources from the CIPRA dedicated to climate change issues in
    the Alps
    (results and products from the project cc.alps)