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The We are Alps tour is a sustainable, cross-border, interactive journey with the aim of raising awareness on the challenges and opportunities of the Alpine region, as well as on the role of the Alpine Convention for the balanced development of this territory shared by eight countries. During the tour, journalists witness the characteristics, the features, the opportunities and the joint issues that the Alpine inhabitants are currently facing. The tour wants to bring people together and prove that “We are Alps”: for this reason, it is organised in collaboration with many partners and every day the participants meet different representatives of Alpine people from the public and private sector, including actors of flagship projects, craftspeople, artists and innovators in many fields. 
The 5th edition’s focus was on the topic of population and culture in the Alps – then and now. The participants experienced activities linked to demography, architecture, languages, Alpine traditions, handicrafts, food and much more! 
The small group of selected journalists traveled using sustainable means of transport: trains, buses and bicycles were used and a part of the tour was done on foot.  
The tour took place from 28 June to 1 July 2018 and crossed three countries on a route linking Carinthia (Austria), Gorenjska (Slovenia) and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy). Have a look at the programme, participants's profiles and links to our many partners.

The tour led to the release of the following articles and broadcasts by the participating journalists:

by Monica Bonetti:

by Giulia Negri:

by Veronika Gnezda:

by Stefano Ardito: 

by Dušan Malovrh:
by Vida Petrovčič:
by Jochen Bettzieche:
by Axel Klemmer:
by Simone Bobbio:
Reports by other media: