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Through the choice of the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” the EXPO 2015 will be an occasion for the enhancement of agricultural products and food traditions of the participating Countries. The Alpine Convention intends to take the opportunity of EXPO 2015, and so promoting Mountain Farming with its unique products and its secular traditions. 
The Italian Presidency, given the interest already expressed to the Alpine Conference in Poschiavo (2012) and on the basis of the biannual program 2013-2014, has promoted a thematic reflection and a series of initiatives and meetings, that have allowed to evaluate which contribution the Alpine Convention could give on the themes of EXPO 2015 and to compare itself with other initiatives designed to the mountain territories.   
At the institutional level the Permanent Committee has approved the Italian proposal to organize a Mountain Week from 4th to 11th June 2015, which will take place inside and outside the site of EXPO Milan 2015. The initiative aims to promote the mountain and its food productions, based on the experience of the international cooperation developed during over the years by the Alpine Convention with other mountain areas (for example the Carpathians, the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the Pyrenees, the Andes) and of the outcomes that have come to light especially in the international working groups dedicated to the mountain farming and to the “labeling” of quality products.                                              
The Mountain Week will see the collaboration of the national alpine governments, of the Permanent Secretariat and of the Observers of the Alpine Convention, of international bodies such as the Carpathian Convention and the Mountain Partnership as well as other entities on different administrative levels, the private sector and the civil society.            
The opening and closing events of the week will be organized by the Italian Environmental Ministry and will be held in the exhibition site EXPO Milan 2015, or in the City of Milan. These events will promoted  the excellence in the alpine and international framework, with particular reference to the cross-border cooperation between territories with food excellence, sustainable agriculture production in the perspective of global exchange and the “green economy”.                 
The Mountain Week is open to the participation of the citizens and the institutions: for this reason the Italian Presidency invites public and private entities, interested in the topics covered, to propose to fit their initiatives self-organized in the schedule of the Mountain Week.