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The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention is organizing a crossing of the Alps for journalists with the aim of raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities of our region and the Alpine Convention as a toolbox for a balanced development of a territory shared by eight states. The tour showed the characteristics, features, opportunities and common issues the Alpine inhabitants are facing. This year’s focus was on the topic: C!imate Change, especially considering the Climate change conference in one of the Alpine Countries (France) in December 2015. 
The group of journalists was taken for a week long excursion across the Alpine arc, using sustainable means of transport, that are alternative to private car; trains, buses and bicycles were used, and a part of the tour was done on foot. Throughout the tour people from the Alps – amongst others experts, representatives of the civil society, different economic sectors and different administrative levels, business people, workers, farmers and politicians were met, therefore the name of the crossing: “We are Alps”. 
The tour took place between 29 June and 6 July 2015 on a route between Grenoble (F) and Zugspitze (D). Activities on climate change observation, adaptation and mitigation were presented through Alpine and country specific approaches. Visit to and first-hand experience in projects on glacier monitoring, pedagogy on climate change, innovative mobility, energy efficiency, flood and natural risk prevention measures, changes in biodiversity, new approaches in agriculture and tourism  were seen. 
The programme of the tour is now available here!
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