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The cross-border cooperation in the management of mountain areas is the main theme of the Alpine Convention, whose experiences and good practices gained in twenty years of working together, have inspired the creation of other international agreements for the Mountain. These included, for example, the Carpathian Convention with which from the very beginning the Alps have created a fruitful cooperation.   
The Task Force Mountain Cooperation, a tool for the deepening and enhancement of the cooperation forms among Countries as regards mountain policies, is coordinated by UNEP Vienna, precisely by the Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention. During the biennium the Task Force has played an important role for the definition of common actions and policies for the Mountain to be proposed to the International community; for example it has contributed to the drafting of a joint Alpine-Carpathian declaration on climate change in connection with the Task Force on Climate Change. The document will be submitted to the respective Conferences of the Parties and will be presented at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Lima (December 2014).   
The Task Force has been involved also in the preparation of the International Conference "The Alpine Convention and the Carpathian Convention: sharing the experiences. The Apennines, a European mountain range", organized by the Italian Presidency in Sarnano (I) in April 2014.        
Accepting the request of the local Entities, of the Marche Region and of the University of Camerino, the Italian Presidency and UNEP have bought to Sarnano the experiences of the two Conventions that contributed to the drafting of the Charter of Sarnano, food for thought for the development of cooperation actions in the Italian Apennines regions.

The meetings