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Art. 9 of the framework Convention
Decision on the Permanent Secretariat (doc. VII/2)*

An affective coordination of all Alpine States requires a reference point. That
was the reason why the Contracting Parties decided to establish the
Permanent Secretariat. The location of the Permanent Secretariat's seat has
been chosen on the basis of an international tender published by the Italian

The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention was established by a
decision taken at the 7th Alpine Conference in Merano/Meran in November

The Permanent Secretariat supports the bodies established by the Alpine
Convention. It offers a professional, logistic, administrative help and assists
the countries in carrying out the actions, required by the Convention and its
The Permanent Secretariat has been set up in 2003 and located in Innsbruck,
Austria (political-administrative duties), with a branch office in Bolzano/Bozen,
Italy (technical-operational duties).

The main tasks of the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention are:
  • administrative and technical support to the bodies of the Alpine
  • public relations (communicating and disseminating information about
    the Convention, its protocols and their achievements),
  • co-ordination of the Alpine research projects,
  • facilitating the implementation of the Convention and the compliance
    with its protocols,
  • observation and information system for the Alps (SOIA),
  • translating and interpreting.
The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention promotes the organization of Alpine Convention events as Green events – learn more here.


Office in Innsbruck:
Branch Office in Bolzano/Bozen:
Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 15
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: 0043-512-588589-0
Viale Druso / Drususallee 1
39100 Bolzano / Bozen
Tel.: 0039 0471 055357
Fax: 0039 0471 055359