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Presidency: Austria 
As an instrument of sustainable development the Alpine Convention promotes a balanced approach between development and protection within the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region EUSALP. The Alpine Convention has established an institutional structure in order to contribute to the EUSALP and to play a substantial and significant role in the implementation of the Strategy.   
The Working Group „Macro-regional Strategy” is entrusted with the task of facilitating the coordination within the Alpine Convention regarding the EUSALP process as well as the task of easing the exchange between the Alpine Convention and the EUSALP bodies. In doing so the Working Group „Macro-regional Strategy” contributes to implementing the “EUSALP” priority of the Multiannual Work Program (MAP) 2017-2022


The main objectives of the “Macro-regional Strategy for the Alps” Working Group are to:
  • Ensure the inputs of the Alpine Convention acting as Observer in the EUSALP General Assembly and the EUSALP Executive Board. In this function the Alpine Convention is jointly represented by the Presidency and the Permanent Secretariat;
  • Foster mutually beneficial exchange between the EUSALP, its Action Groups and the Alpine Convention’s institutions and observers;
  • Serve as an interface between the Permanent Committee and the Leaders of EUSALP Action Group 6;
  • Ensure the provision of substantial inputs of the Alpine Convention’s institutions to the respective EUSALP bodies, for example by facilitating further coordination with other Working Groups and Platforms of the Alpine Convention;
  • Ensure appropriate communication flows among all Alpine Convention’s bodies regarding the EUSALP process.
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