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Art.6 of the Alpine Convention and Art. 14 of the Rules for the Permanent Commitee of the Alpine Conference (Find in DE, IT, SL, FR pages)

The Permanent Committee establishes ad-hoc Working Groups according to the current needs and takes over their coordination. Working Groups support and work on different topics related to sustainable development.

Their responsibility consists of developing new protocols, recommendations and implementing measures, study ongoing developments as well as reporting progress to the Alpine Conference and Permanent Committee. The Working Groups are set for a two-year term and often work in subgroups for specific topics.
Here you can read the report by the deputy Secretary general Ms Elmi on the work of the Working Groups and Platforms in the mandate period 2015-2016 (in DE, FR, IT, SL).
At the moment the following bodies are active:

  1. Working Group Transport
  2. Natural Hazards Platform - PLANALP
  3. Ecological Network Platform
  4. Water Management Platform in the Alps
  5. Large Carnivores, Wild Ungulates and Society Platform - WISO
  6. Working Group Macro-regional strategy for the Alps
  7. Mountain Farming Platform
  8. Working Group Mountain Forests
  9. Working Group Sustainable Tourism
  10. Ad hoc expert group for the preparation of RSA6
  11. Ad hoc working group for the preparation of MAP 2017-2022